Tips For Exhibiting

  • Select a front location when registering for an event.  
    • Being located in the front is advantageous; attendees are the most fresh when first entering the event.
  • Create a an inviting exhibit.
    • Your booth space represents your company. Make sure it represents what your vision stands for.
    • The purpose of your space is to attract visitors, so make it an open, welcoming and friendly space.
  • Understand the needs of the audience.
    • Every event has a different audience with different needs.
  • Create a specialized information package.
    • One that speaks to the needs of the event’s audience.
  • Bring a clever giveaway or gift basket to raffle.  
    • The better the giveaway, the more people will stop at your space. Every vendor offers candy, try to be different.  
  • Stand.
    • Engaging your guests works best when standing.
    • Push the table in the back, get out in front and greet your guests. Ask passing visitors to come over and view your company’s products or services.
  • Bring your friendliest employees.
    • You want high-energy, happy people in your event space. They must be attentive and well-grommed. 
  • Walk the event.
    • Make contacts with the other vendors. They can become new customers or know new customers.
  • Be prepared to sell your products and services.  
    • Your staff must be prepared to sell your products and services onsite. The event brings the visitors to your space, but cannot sell your products and services for you.
  • Give the proper amount of information.  
    • Ask good questions, and offer the information they are looking for.
  • Have the right reps, and the right amount of reps.
    • Too many reps in a booth can be intimidating.
    • Choose the right reps to have the best interactions.    
  • Follow up.
    Follow-up with your contacts immediately after the event.


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