Welcome to Pro Expo LV!

We’re excited to have you join us for diverse expos that celebrate each community. From the enriching LivingWell Senior Expo to the empowering LivingWell Veteran Expo.  Prepare for a variety of exciting experiences, great information, & fun giveaways.  Dive in at and let the adventure begin!

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Registration and Ticketing Information:

Ready to join the fun? Guests are always free of charge! Just a friendly tip: arriving early not only secures your spot but also boosts your chances of winning awesome raffle prizes or taking a spin on our prize wheel. Can’t wait to see you at our next expo – your ticket to excitement awaits!

What to Expect at Our Expos:

At our expos, you can expect a dynamic mix of exhibits, insightful presentations, and fantastic networking opportunities. Dive into a world where each expo is unique, covering a broad spectrum of themes to cater to diverse interests.

Explore exhibits ranging from health and wellness to technology and innovation. Gain insights into legal and insurance matters, and discover the latest trends in home improvement. Our expos are crafted to provide something for everyone, ensuring a rich and diverse experience for all guests. Whether you’re seeking information, inspiration, or connections, you’ll find it all at Pro Expo LV.

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General Travel and Accommodation Advice:

Traveling to our expo? Here are some handy tips for a smooth experience:

Parking: Most expos take place in a ballroom area, meeting rooms, or gym. Follow signs to designated parking areas.

Navigation: Once parked, follow the signs to the expo venue. Whether it’s the ballroom, meeting rooms, or gym, clear signage will guide you. Venue staff can always point you in the right direction to the Expo.  

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions about travel and parking.


Explore the various expos we offer and consider attending multiple events throughout the year – repeat giveaway and raffle winners are acceptable.

Why should you participate? Well, attending our expos is not just about gaining information – it’s a journey filled with learning opportunities, valuable networking, and educational experiences. Whether you’re looking to broaden your knowledge, make meaningful connections, or simply have a good time, our diverse range of expos has something for everyone. 

Some vaccinations might require multiple shots, additional venues provide the perfect opportunity for these follow-up experiences.
Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your life through the exciting events Pro Expo LV has to offer.

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