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Your gateway to unforgettable expos in the vibrant city of Las Vegas!  For the past 13 years, we’ve been on a mission to create exceptional experiences, bringing communities together through our well-known LivingWell Senior Expo and LivingWell Veterans Expo. Our journey is all about seniors, honoring our heroes, and providing a platform for meaningful connections. Join us as we continue this legacy of organizing expos that make a difference. Explore, connect, and be a part of something special at Pro Expo LV!

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At Pro Expo LV, our mission is to provide memorable events that are engaging and enriching. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant platform where seniors and veterans, can come together, connect, and gather valuable information and resources from businesses & professionals in Southern Nevada.

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Our vision at Pro Expo LV is to be the forefront of event excellence, setting the standard for engaging expos. For seniors and veterans, our events cater to their unique needs. Furthermore, we create a space where giveaways are a large part of the allure, adding an extra layer of excitement to our expos. 

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About us

Hey there! We’re Ryan and Julie Stott, local Las Vegas residents for over 20 years. Exciting news – we’ve taken over ProExpoLV, hosting fantastic events for more than a decade.

Our main aim is to create meaningful experiences for our community members. At our free expos for seniors, and veterans they connect with valuable resources.

We treat vendors and guests like old friends, aiming for that warm, welcoming vibe. Can’t wait to see you at one of our upcoming events. Thanks for supporting ProExpoLV and our mission to give back to the community. Join us – it’s like being part of the family!

Looking ahead, Pro Expo LV is dedicated to an exciting future. Our commitment remains unwavering as we plan to host & improve many expos in Southern Nevada catering to the diverse needs of our senior community. We prioritize facilitating connections for seniors entering this dynamic stage of life. Join us on this exciting journey!

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